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Shannon O'Toole Executive Leadership Coaching

Coaching leaders to engage their teams to achieve success.

If you’re an entrepreneur or the leader of a firm, then it’s safe to say that running your business is one of the great joys in your life. But managing talent — cultivating strong teams, providing feedback, or even preparing them for your eventual succession — might make you feel lost at sea.

That’s where I come in. Together, we can create a plan that helps develop and leverage your talent to achieve business (and personal) results, growth, and success.

Are You Facing These Challenges?

Find out how Talent Engagement Services and Executive Leadership Coaching can help.
Shannon O'Toole Executive Leadership Coaching

My team members want feedback, but the process takes so much time. Now it’s too late, and I’m afraid of losing one of them.

Shannon O'Toole Talent Engagement Services

Why can’t all of my partners get on the same page about our expectations for the team? How can we communicate better?

Shannon O'Toole Team Workshops
I love what the valuation says for selling my business, but what about how my people and clients feel? What about how I feel?

Get to Know Shannon, the Mind Behind the Magic

I’m a talent and culture professional who is passionate about helping leaders achieve the best-possible results with a capable, talented team.

Here’s my story, and how I got here.

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From industry events to virtual workshops, I am a prolific speaker on the topics of talent management and engagement, coaching, and business sale and succession. Want to invite me to speak at your next event? Click below.

Learn how you and your firm can maintain an interactive company culture in the COVID-19 era.

Discover how to provide valuable and empathetic feedback to your advisory team members.

Explore strategies and tools you can use to traverse the sale process with confidence and clarity.