Coaching Services

Coaching Services by Shannon O'Toole

Executive Leadership Coaching

It’s true what they say, “it’s lonely at the top.” Frequently in my career I’ve heard leaders say they don’t have anyone to problem solve with, discuss issues with their team or to vet out their own fears and aspirations. If those words resonate with you, that’s where the help of a great coach can be beneficial. 

As your coach, we can engage in a coaching relationship that will help you get the results you want by taking action to overcome some of the thoughts and feelings that can leave you paralyzed or stuck. We will get you moving to overcome any leadership challenges you face and position you, your employees and firm for success.

Examples of Coaching Engagements:

  • Next Generation Leadership Coaching
  • Financial Advisors Transition to People Leadership
  • Facilitating Challenging Conversations with Employees – Performance and Behavioral Coaching
  • Transition & Succession Coaching
  • Partnership Trust, Accountability and Communication
  • Balancing Competing Demands (personally and professionally)

Coaching Process

  • Client is expected to come to meeting with an agenda – the circumstance to discuss.

  • Coaching sessions will focus on getting into action to get the desired results. Each session will end with a thought to put into action before the next coaching session.

  • Coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom or over the phone following an initial discovery meeting to determine your coaching goals.

  • Coaching calls are conducted on a consistent schedule. Frequency dependent on situation.

  • If client is participating in coaching sessions outside of a project engagement with Shannon O’Toole Coaching, then either an hourly or retainer fee are invested by client.

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